Win Some Cracking Prizes With ZTE This Easter

Win Some Cracking Prizes With ZTE This Easter

ZTE is excited about the Easter break coming up and to celebrate we have decided to create a fun event between 13th to 27th April to win some awesome prizes in our very special egg hunting giveaway. The more eggs you find the bigger the prize! We also have an additional discount off your orders for a limited time to show appreciation for your support. Find out more about both of these things by reading all the information below.

Easter Egg Hunt

First is our easter egg hunt with the chance to get an increasing discount for every egg you manage to find on the homepage of our official website. Join our easter egg hunt today to claim your prize!

Rules: The aim is to find as many eggs on the homepage of our website as possible to earn a chance to win one of the following:a $10 coupon or a $35 coupon. The more eggs you find the higher the chance of a higher prize. Remember to look on our whole official website to get a great chance, click here to get even more details Learn more>>

Spring Sale Discount

Along with the Easter Egg Hunt, we have an additional 10% Off ZTE Axon 30 & Axon 30 Ultra & 2 bundle sales during the easter period. This discount is automatically calculated at checkout and can be combined with the easter egg hunt coupon that you receive, saving you even more!

Have A Good Easter

We would just like to take this time to wish you a very happy Easter break with your families. And hope you enjoy all the special treats you get during this special holiday. Be sure to take advantage of our special gifts that we have prepared for you during this special time of the year as we all celebrate together.

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