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We are excited to launch our new Axon 20 5G. To celebrate this we are also launching our New Vision Club campaign which will give some lucky people the opportunity to experience the device first. We have our FAQs about the campaign below:

Q: When will the campaign start?

A: From 8am December 21st 2020 to 8am December 27th 2020(CET Time)

Q: What are the benefits of getting an invatation?

A: There quite a few benefits that come from getting the invitation:

  • The first 200 units of Axon 20 5G are offered exclusively to invited user only;
  • First batch buyers can get a New Year’s Gift (TWS earphones, valued around $50);
  • First batch buyers will be invited to give a product review and receive $20 cashback as reward and have the chance to be promoted on ZTE official channels; (Every buyer will receive a review guide)
  • First batch buyers can share their ideal features to provide some of innovative ideas which will have a chance to be considered on the next Axon device

Q: How to get access to buy the product?

A:  In order to buy a first batch unit, you will receive a secret code which will give you access. Good news! You can receive your own secret code through multiple ways:

Quiz for chance:

  • A quiz will be released on the website, users could have the chance to be invited and get the secret code by filling the quiz; 
  • User lands on website > Fill the quiz > Receive an email with secret code if been invited / Receive an email with coupon code if the code runs out;

Content creator picks:

  • Some of your favorite content creators will have the secret code for accessing the purchasing page. Be sure to keep a look out for where you could get this opportunity.

We would just like to thank you for your support and interest in our campaign. And for further information, please stay tuned.

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